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Digital Customs

Outsource your manual data entry in customs clearance to Digicust and enable your customs agents to fully focus on high-quality control and services for your customers.


It is our aim to achieve following advantages in your customs clearance:

  • Cost and time savings,
  • increasing quality,
  • satisfied customs agents able to focus on key competencies,
  • savings in paper consumption.

How It Works


Nowadays, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA-) markets are changing rapidly. As a result, companies appear and disappear at a pace that is breath-taking. In order to extend the lifetime of Digicust’s and its customers success, it is a part of the company’s vision to always consider management innovation in a VUCA world. Therefore, main goals are to sense surprises that impact customers and facilitate value co-creation and to anticipate where customer needs will be in the future.

Instead of treating innovation as a one-off activity, Digicust requires its employees to be skilled in change management and builds strong leadership capabilities to envision and drive digital transformation in today’s society and business. Moreover, abilities have to be developed in providing ecosystem and network entrepreneurship, that is, leading from the forefront, by arranging new markets and new domains to shape the future, rather than just reacting to change. In order to meet these requirements, Digicust applies cutting-edge technologies, such as cloud computing, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Shape the customs clearance future together with Digicust.

Do you have the wish to think outside of the box and to co-create a game-changing fill-out software, which revolutionizes the world of customs clearance? Then contact us. We give you the unique opportunity to grow in a cutting-edge start-up and let your creativity run wild.


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