22 € Value Limit Abolishion

It is common knowledge that the customsbusiness is facing challenging times. Punitive tariffs, increased customsvolume due to e-commerce and the Corona crisis. Since 01.07.2021, thechallenges are one facet richer. The 22 euro exemption limit for goods importsfrom third countries (non-EU countries) has been abolished. This means that every shipment of goods will besubject to the relevant import duties from this date, regardless of the value of the goods. This change is based on a decisionat the EU level to ensure more tax fairness in the domestic or EUmarket. So-called "bargain purchases" in third countries(non-EU countries) will therefore also be taxed and therefore more expensive. 

Impact of New Regulation

For the customs business, this means that the new regulations will result in alarger number of stricter executed additional electronic customs declarationsat German customs, according to the BDZ. High data quality has to be providedas it has been the case for shipments with a value over 22,- €.

Digicust Supports Your Company

We at Digicust have been aware of this problem for a long time and havemade it our task to support customs service providers and forwarding agents inthis regard. With our product Dexter AI-supported data extraction fromdocuments, we can support companies with exactly this problem. Small shipmentsand e-commerce shipments in particular can be automated and digitized with 99 percent accuracy. Dexter extracts all data required for customs clearance frominvoices, waybills and relevant documents and sends them directly via interfaceto the customs software used.

In AEB, Dakosy or LDV or whatever customs software you use. We bind. The finished customs clearance is thus only a clickaway. According to internal calculations and customer experience, cost savingsof up to 50% are possible by using Dexter. This is due to the relief of thecustoms clearance staff or the possibility to expand the customs business. You can test Dexter free of charge here.

Matthias Pfeiler Digicust
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Matthias Pfeiler, B.A.

As the first Digicust co-founder Matthias went through the hardest troubles together with Boris, but always remained positive even if it seemed that everything is going to hell. Showing empathy, being communicative and having a creative mindset is what makes Matthias so special. Let‘s continue pushing it to the limit.