World Post an Parcel Award Winner

It is common knowledge that the customsbusiness is facing challenging times. Punitive tariffs, increased customsvolume due to e-commerce and the Corona crisis. Since 01.07.2021, the challenges are one facet richer. The 22 euro exemption limit for goods imports from third countries (non-EU countries) has been abolished. This means that every shipment of goods will be subject to the relevant import duties from this date, regardless of the value of the goods. This change is based on a decisionat the EU level to ensure more tax fairness in the domestic or EUmarket. So-called "bargain purchases" in third countries(non-EU countries) will therefore also be taxed and therefore more expensive. 

Winner on the Category Startup

For more than 20 years, the world-renowned program has celebrated the achievements of postal and express industry talent. Any company, regardless of size, can apply. Success is judged not by its scale, but by its impact. This also gives new companies, for example Digicust, a chance to win.  

The awards recognize those organizations that embrace change, take on new challenges and make the most of the opportunities in front of them. 

Digicust had the honor of winning the World Post and Parcel Award in the Startup category this year.

The Reasoning of the Judges

"Startups have become essential for postal and logistics companies in their pursuit of innovation. This year's winner is dedicated to the development of virtual robots, the basis of the Internet of Customs, and the digitization of the customs clearance industry, including the entire value chain of a good, from purchase to customs clearance to transportation of that good, as well as the partial/full automation of the import/export customs process. Their main focus is on creating a loop of qualitative, structured data using technologies such as Augmented, Symbolic, Explainable AI, Robotic Process Automation, Knowledge Graphs and Blockchain." This is the reasoning of the judges. 

We are extremely proud to have received this honorable mention and thank the logistics industry for their trust and confidence.

Written by

Matthias Pfeiler, B.A.

As the first Digicust co-founder Matthias went through the hardest troubles together with Boris, but always remained positive even if it seemed that everything is going to hell. Showing empathy, being communicative and having a creative mindset is what makes Matthias so special. Let‘s continue pushing it to the limit.