Key Factors for IDP Service Provider Selection

In our last article, we talked about critical aspects for evaluating the right provider of an intelligent document processing system (IDP) and defined the first characteristics. In the subsequent list, you will find all the terms that are essential to successfully implement an IDP system in the company:

  • industry type (for which the IDP system shall be applied) and company size,
  • industry experience,  
  • document diversity and number,
  • the AI's learning capability and machine validation,
  • user experience & interface
  • end-to-end or self-service offer,
  • prices per document or per page,
  • price/performance ratio,
  • type of OCR and value added services,
  • processing time.

In today's blog, the factors "AI learning capability including machine validation" and "user expierience and interface" will be covered.

Machine validation and AI Learning Capability

The AI's Learning capability is an important aspect of achieving automation. The faster the AI learns through feedback from a human, the faster it is possible to send the data to the next systems in an automated fashion or with little manual validation. In the best-case scenario, additional machine validations are executed during an IDP system's post-processing step, increasing the level of automation.

User Experience & Interface

In the context of a self-service offering, an easy-to-use user interface and a very well thought-through process are the most important criteria. The less effort the user has to put into manual validation, the better the customer experience. This, of course, requires not only a great user interface, but an AI which learns all possible configurations by the slightest human influence.

Meanwhile, it has become clear that even the end-to-end approach requires a software interface. For example, a dashboard is advantageous so that the status of the documents sent can be viewed. The control of the transferred data is very important, especially in the beginning, in which users build trust for the service.

Thus, it is advantageous if there is at least an interface for easy control of the data delivery with the respective document. Such a control can be sub-optimal in the subsequent system, since e.g. customs software providers are not designed for such features.

Digicust Support & Next Blog

As written in the first blog of this blog series, Digicust perfectly supports you in your IDP journey. This way you can quickly leverage from huge day 1 efficiency increases, enjoying automated IDP with little or no implementation effort at all.

Today, further two critical aspects to evaluate the right provider have been described. As there are some more essential factors to successfully implement an IDP system, left ones will be highlighted in our next blogs. The focus will be set on the criterion "end-to-end or self-service offer".

We hope you enjoyed today's blog and have a great day and stay tuned!

Matthias Pfeiler Digicust
Written by

Matthias Pfeiler, B.A.

As the first Digicust co-founder Matthias went through the hardest troubles together with Boris, but always remained positive even if it seemed that everything is going to hell. Showing empathy, being communicative and having a creative mindset is what makes Matthias so special. Let‘s continue pushing it to the limit.