The team

innovation is where teamwork begins

Dr. Tech. Ahmad Haj Mosa

Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Veni Vidi Vici!
Since June 2020, our CTIO has contributed considerably to making part of the Digicust vision a reality and therefore , truly deserves his title. With him, we can aim for even bigger goals!

Michael Lisci, B.A.

Chief Customs Officer

Being a customs lecturer at the DHBW in Mannheim plus having broad and in-depth experience in customs have made Michael our CCO. Similar to the CEO Boris, he loves to plug & play around with processes, Log- & Customs Tech and is passionate about enhancing supply chains. Who would have thought that one day, we will collaborate togheter. It‘s amazing that you are on board Michael, a huge Digicust  enrichment!

Dr. Diksha Tiwari

Mathematician & Data Scientist

Smart, brave, funny and hard-working. Four words with which Diksha can be described perfectly. Her presence is always a motivation factor, not only in terms of work, but also considering her know-how that she brings to the table. Collaborating with her is simply a pleasure! 

Thomas Übellacker

Lead Developer

Thomas, a talented developer, an innovative mindset, a technology enabler. HE is the Digicust katalysator and motivation engine, our first and never ending light at the beginning and at the end of each tunnel. Thank you for your "getting things done attitude", with you, success is guaranteed!

Matthias Pfeiler, B.A.

Chief Marketing Officer

As the first Digicust co-founder Matthias went through the hardest troubles together with Boris, but always remained positive even if it seemed that everything is going to hell. Showing empathy, being communicative and having a creative mindset is what makes Matthias so special. Let‘s continue pushing it to the limit.

Manuel Strausz

Senior Software Engineer

“Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practised.” Barbara W. Tuchman. In this case, Manuel has successfully finished many faculties in his life. No wonder considering that he already has about 20 years of experience in software engineering. With his attitude of never learning out, he continuously innovates, broadens his horizon and deepens his knowledge in various engineering tasks at the same time.

Michael Schöllhammer, M.Sc.

Chief Technology Officer

Although Michael has 1000 tasks to do, he always takes care to be on time with his developments. In difficult decisions, Michael supports with strong arguments and impressive technological insights. He is perfectly rounding up his portfolio by providing additional business know-how and contributed a lot in terms of business planning & marketing. CTO characteristics that each startup needs!

Zein Farhah

Junior Data Scientist

Zein started to work as a volunteer at Digicust with the goal to extend her knowledge. She is constantly developing her skills and very eager to learn. Besides this, we enjoy her innovative and smart mindset, while learning fast. Amazing to work with such a talented person.

Armin Daryabegi

Fullstack Developer

You know that you are working with a talented and ambitious person the moment that you see the results and how they are presented. Armin is not only a fullstack as many others on the market, he delivers his work with passion, invests a lot of time and effort in developments with the goal to achieve more than agreed. In other words, another huge win for Digicust in the war of talents!

Paul Opuchlich, M.Sc.

Machine Learning & Fullstack Engineer

What is cognitive science? This question can be perfectly answered by our partner Paul Opuchlich, in particular, when it comes to the functioning of language, learning & reasoning of machines. His creativity and outside of the box thinking amazes us each day. Let‘s achieve the cognitive machine revolution together!

Fatma Maged

Data Validation Expert

Studying her bachelor with a major in international business and being familiar with foreign trade is what makes Fatma the perfect fit for her position. She has the fundamental basis to understand necessary information in customs clearance. Additionally, she provides precision and dilligent work paired with speed, a positive mindset and lots of empathy. No wonder that she is the right person to lead the Digicust validation team.

Borisav Parmakovic, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Digicust, Borisav enjoys to think outside of the box & is passionate about enhancing the customs & supply chain management processes by working with people who admire challenges and by applying cutting-edge technologies.