Section 1

Living creatures and their by-products

Section 2

Goods derived from plants

Section 3

Fats and oils from animals, plants or microbes

Section 4

Prepared foods, beverages, and tobacco or nicotine products

Section 5

Earthly minerals and derivatives

Section 6

Chemical products and related items

Section 7

Synthetic materials like plastics and rubber products

Section 8

Animal skins, leathers, and related articles

Section 9

Wooden goods and charcoal

Section 10

Fiber pulps, paper, and related products

Section 11

Textile goods and related articles

Section 12

Shoes, hats, and other related accessories

Section 13

Stone, cement, glass, and similar materials

Section 14

Jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals

Section 15

Base metals and metalwork

Section 16

Machinery, electrical appliances, and parts

Section 17

Transportation equipment like vehicles, aircraft, and vessels

Section 18

Optical and medical instruments, clocks, and musical instruments

Section 19

Firearms and related items

Section 20

Various manufactured goods

Section 21

Artworks, collector's items, and rare artifacts